Fan Experience

The energy, the vibes, the music. the people, the artists, the food. The DJs, the rappers, the dancers. The painting, the cars, the skating. Five stages. Ten hours. Over forty performers. Best day ever.

B-Boy & B-Girl

Dancing is a natural ingredient to a music festival. B-boying and b-girling is the essential dance element of Hip Hop culture. Soundset has presented b-boy / b-girl battles as part of our curated experience since 2008. The moves, styles and dance elements delivered in a competitive form in sync to the beats, mixes and scratches of a live DJ, create an energy that embodies the atmosphere of what lays at the core of Soundset.

Live Painting

In keeping with the tradition of Hip Hop culture, the graffiti element is a fundamental part of Soundset. Each year, we feature artists live painting from around the world; creating colorful murals on various shapes, surfaces and spaces. As contributions to our ever changing gallery, the works of art are then repurposed year after year throughout the Soundset site as the living art history of the festival. The combination of past displayed creations and art happening in real time with the energy of the music and people provides a nostalgic backdrop for what defines Soundset.

Skateboard Showdown

Skateboarding and Hip Hop culture are about expression, movement and individuality. There's an attitude in both worlds and this collision has always had a home at Soundset. Centered in the middle of five stages and thousands of screaming fans lays an ever changing street course and skate jam presented by Familia Skate Shop.

Custom Car Show

Car culture and Hip Hop go hand and hand; it's documented in the music since the first vinyl records to the streaming songs of today. From lowriders, street customs, donks, classics, luxury sports, mild customs, radical conversions and lowrider hydraulic hop competitions, these vehicles line the streets of Soundset creating a metal parade of mobile art that belongs in a festival environment.

Last of the Record Buyers

A Twin Cities born Hip Hop production showcase presented by Big Quarters has been part of the Soundset family since 2010. It's like an open mic, but for producers. From featured producer performances, beat showcases to sample challenges, Last of The Records specializes in the best of live production performances of both national and local Minnesota fame.